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VHDL2BOOL Compiler

The sources of the VHDL2BOOL compiler are distributed under the terms of GNU Public License (www.gnu.org)

Previous work was sponsored by Aldec Inc. ( www.aldec.com) within a project developed by a team directed by prof. Wlodzimierz Bielecki at the Faculty of Computer Science of the Technical University of Szczecin (www.wi.ps.pl)

Since 10th may 2002, this compiler and all additional tools are distributed under GPL License.

This compiler and all additional tools are developed for generating Boolean equations from VHDL source. The input of the complier is a set of VHDL source files and the output is one or more files with Boolean equations.

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11/05/2002 - first site version

30/05/2002 - Section for downloading additional tools

17/09/2002 - last site update

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